Expansion module SPC-AI8 with RS485 bus connection

Best.-Nr. 308.15613

Expansion module with RS485 bus connection to a PLC or a transfer station controller. The module has eight analog inputs, whereby each input can be configured to 0-10V or 0-20mA using a DIP switch. The control function of the inputs is programmed on the controller to be expanded on a system-specific basis. Plug-in spring-type terminals enable quick replacement. Additional modules are connected using ribbon cables. 15 modules of the respective type can be addressed per data string, addressing is carried out using a rotary coding switch. A terminating resistor can be set using a jumper.

– RS485 data bus system, specific protocol
– 24VDC supply
– 8 analog inputs (0 (2) -10V / 0 (4) -20mA)

Scope of delivery:
Expansion module SPC-AI8 with RS485 bus connection

Dimensions (HxWxD): 90x36x60

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